Castles have an amazing power within them, an effortless ability to enact the inner child in us that eagerly flipped through fairytale books. That gushed over Kings and Queens, dressed in rich material and touting sparkling crowns. Perhaps that part in us never died, and there still exists a youthful aspiration to feel like royalty within these gorgeous estates. Fortunately, that’s certainly possible—with all the different castles around the globe, pregnant with bountiful histories and dramatic architecture. And if you’re interested in making this fantasy a lifetime ordeal, there’s plenty of castles and chateaus for sale.

Searles Castle

Searles Castle is located in Windham, New Hampshire, and Edward Francis Searles was commissioned for its design and construction, which started in 1905 and ended in 1915. Now, the castle has made it onto the National Register of Historic Places since January 11, 1982. Architecturally, the castle is comprised of granite, fieldstone, and rich, crimson sandstone, most of which came straight from Searles’ own quarries in Pelham, New Hampshire. The castle sits upon the 175-acre Searles estate, delivering a beautifully quaint backdrop for your special day.


According to the website, a wedding day with the castle would look a little like this: the bride will enjoy preparations in their Master Bedroom Bridal suite (with a dressing room, parlor, private bathroom and sun porch!), followed by a grand Courtyard Ceremony. Guests will then be treated to a fancy cocktail hour, complete with Hors-d’oeuvres inside the castle as well as the courtyard. The wedding will be held at the crescent-shaped walkway at the entrance of the courtyard, surrounded by crenelated wall. Afraid of chilly weather in the winter? Fret not! Propane umbrella heaters allow for outdoor ceremonies from April through November. After the big event, party it up in their temperature-controlled, Palladium-styled Euro tent.

Gillette Castle

Straddling the towns of East Haddam and Lyme, Connecticut, this castle was originally a private residence commissioned and designed by William Gillette, an actor most famous for starring as Sherlock Holmes on the stage. He lived in this home from 1919 to 1937. The estate itself is very well-preserved, with its three mile trail that still loops around the grounds, and all of its intriguing oddities—such as 47 unmatched wooden doors, a hand-carved  bar, opened with a secret latch, a series of mirrors above the great hall that allowed him to spy on guests, and more! The castle has been described as an “American fairytale mixed with European flair”, or as a “weird blending of Victorian and Arts and Crafts.” Further, the 3-story-plus-tower, 24-room, 14,000 square foot home is built of wood, cement, and local Connecticut fieldstone, supported by a steel framework. Woodwork within the home is delicately crafted hand-hewn southern white oak.


Weddings at Gillette Castle are very popular. The terrace on the Southern side of the Castle provides a spacious place for your ceremony, with native flowers blooming and imbibing the air with a fragrant scent. The terrace also provides a wonderful vantage point for glistening views of the river. Want to make a grand entrance with your guests? Take the ferry across the Connecticut River to your castle wedding!

Hammond Castle


This castle, constructed between 1926 and 1929, is located on the Atlantic coast in the Magnolia area of Gloucester, Massachusetts, and was the home and laboratory of John Hays Hammond, Jr. Fun fact—he was the inventor and main pioneer in the study of the remote control! Presently, the castle operates as the Hammond Castle Museum, displaying Hammond’s varied collection of Roman, medieval, and Renaissance artifacts, but is also a stunning location for a wedding as well. The castle’s lawn overlooks Gloucester’s rocky Atlantic coast, allowing the perfect backdrop for pictures that will last a lifetime.


Areas comprising of the rental include the stunning Great Hall, the Renaissance Dining Room, Courtyard and the Oceanside lawn. Depending on whether or not you’d like your wedding indoors or outdoors, the maximum capacity is 90 and 120, respectively.