The Canary Islands with their subtropical climate and beautiful scenery are a haven for wildlife and the perfect place to take a holiday at any time of the year. When other countries are cold and dreary the sunshine and warm weather continues in the Canary Islands all year round. This makes it a popular destination for those who like to get away over the Christmas holiday season.

Sunshine, warm sand and glorious sand sculptures are what you can expect to find at Christmas in Gran Canaria, along with friendly people, smiling faces and a carefree attitude to life. The Canary Islands run along the furthest edges of the European Union and comprises of a group of islands,one of the most well known being Gran Canaria . The climate of this special island is what draws many visitors each year, long warm summers and exceedingly mild winters when the sun shines most days.

The Canary Islands are charasmatic archipelago. See signs of past volcanic activity and enjoy the sights of the Canary Islands during your stay. Food and drink are of the highest quality and there is nothing better than watching the beautiful sunsets from the beach. Lush green mountains and sandy beaches are what visitors love about the Canary Islands.

Every year a group of International sculptors assemble to create stunning works of art from the sand, enjoying their work even more as the climate is neither too hot or too cold. The sculptures are a magnificent site, unlike anything you have ever seen before that will inspire you. During the cooler months the Canary Islands provide a break from dull weather and help to recharge the batteries of the inhabitants and tourists alike.

Over 1,500 kilometres of stunning coastline can be found at the Canary Islands, where life can be as quiet or as busy as you like. Fans of watersports can spend their time doing what they love, while others may just prefer to relax on the beach or have a mountain adventure. The Canary Islands form a year round base for all types of holidays and are a great destination for you and your family. Explore, relax, play and enjoy the beautiful weather in this little piece of heaven known as the Islas Canarias where you can see the stars shine brilliantly at night and bask in sunshine each day.


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