Camping Holidays in Picardy, France

The town of Picardy, or “Picardie”, as it is written by the French, is a historic region that lies between Amsterdam, London, and Paris. It is this location that makes Picardie such an important part of French history. Some of the most important battles were fought right at this very location. Picardie has gone through so many changes over the course of time, and parts of it has been ruled by so many people from the English, to the Hasburgs, even by the Spanish, and of course, the French. This post was written by our friends over at World Adventure Travel as an alternative to their guide on camping holidays in Brittany, France.

Picardy has always been preposterous partly due to the large expanse of relatively flat land that was utilized for farming. The land was able to yield a lot of produce, and as a result, the towns and cities that are located in the area have been prospering throughout history. Much of this wealth can be seen by the fine architecture that is built around the region, many of which are cathedrals and churches in the distinct gothic style.

At present, Picardy is now functionally divided into two areas, with one being a part of suburban Paris and the other being mostly agricultural. Modernization has not been to the detriment of Picardy, as it remains one of the most beautiful sites in France today. The beauty and the variety of the area makes it a great place to visit on a vacation, especially on a camping trip where a visitor will be able to see the beauty of nature and the area. Picardy is a wonderful place for family outings, because there are so many things to do there that each member of the family will definitely enjoy.

Because of the important events that have happened in Picardy, it is a great area for history buffs. As early as the 17th century, citadels were built in the area to defend it against conquering Burgundian dukes and English kings. Since then, many more structures have been built to be used in battles in wars. Many of the, such as war graves and even war trenches, are still around even today.

Beach-lovers will also find Picardy a great place to visit, with its expansive coastline that is a great venue for a lot of activities such as building sand castles, land yachting, sailing, swimming, or windsurfing. The sand dunes and the beaches are breath taking and are definitely a sight to behold.

For those who would like to try this unique experience, there are a bunch of campsites that can be found in and around Picardy. Each campsite is different, which allows them to cater to the tastes and preferences of a wide range of people. A person can select a website depending on the location, on the amenities they have, or on the type of things that he wants to experience while on the trip. With all the campsites available and the large number of facilities that can be found, any person who wants to go through the whole camping experience is sure to find a great campsite that is suited for him.

Of course, aside from the location, another very important thing that has to be thought about when going on a camping trip are the equipment that are going to be brought. Camping is definitely a fun experience, but without the appropriate outdoor equipment that are made especially for this purpose, it may become too difficult. After setting up an itinerary for the trip, it is important to determine what kinds of tents and camping equipment will be needed. This may vary depending on the family and what they wish to do, because there are some who would like to rough it in the outdoors, while there are those who want to enjoy as many amenities as possible. Whatever type of camping trip it is going to be, the family has to make sure that they have all the camping equipment that they will need, and even some for emergencies, if possible.

Another important thing that every family needs on any kind of trip, may it be a camping trip or any kind of vacation, is insurance. Although there may be nothing dangerous about the trip that they are going to take, it is extremely important to cover all the bases to make sure that they have something to fall back on just in case the unexpected happens. Every family member must have for their holiday is travel insurance, especially when they are vacationing outside the country.

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