I love to travel and when I do I like to get down and dirty with all the local fun the country has on offer. When I was in London my itinerary included Madame Tussaud’s wax museum and I managed to get some really nice snaps of me standing and looking bashful with Nicole Kidman. This really impressed my friends and family. You see, when I am travelling I like to document every moment no matter where it is or how late it is in the day.

I even got into a private party at Anayas in London and managed to take photographs even in that dim lighting. People often wonder how I manage to get the best photographs containing fun and surprising content. My secret is to always carry a Compact system camera with me and be ‘camera ready’ so to speak.

For this to happen I need a light weight camera with a tidy case that will fit snugly into my pocket. I also make sure that it has good settings for low light. This way I can capture my life in a sequence of events that prove to be titillating to most people taking a look. Sony’s new NEX-5T is a great camera as it’s got a huge sensor so fantastic for both low light and landscape photography.

I am on a number of social networks on the Internet and people subscribe just to check out my great travel photos. I am not a professional photographer by any means, but the correct camera does most of the work for me. Last year I got some awesome informal footage of one of the most celebrity drenched party’s in Switzerland, the Gstaad Chic Snow Weekend. I managed to get some great pictures of me and a few well-known attendees.

It is certainly different shooting in different lights and times of day and some of the most prolific photographs I have captured with the biggest responses have been a spur of the moment thing. I could not do it unless I had a Compact system camera that is light to carry and easy to use, which is why the Sony NEX-5T or the Sony NEX-3N gets a thumbs up from me.

Sony's New NEX range of camera's


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