Want to bring home some unique handicrafts and souvenirs from your holiday in Mauritius? Special items that that you can only find here on this little African island, things that bring back the scents, flavours and sounds? Of course you do! If not for yourself, bring some for your loved ones at home as Mauritius is not just only holiday destination, it really is a special place with unique gifts and souvenirs. Here are 5 things you have to bring home from your Mauritius holiday:

1. Mauritian Rum

The island of Mauritius is home to endless sugarcane plantations – the main ingredient for the delicious Mauritian Rum that is increasingly taking over the world. Mauritian rum comes in many kinds, ranging from light to dark to delicately infused with rich local spices such as coffee, vanilla, cloves and orange peel. A true delight! Definitely keep some space in your luggage to bring a bottle or two. It makes a great gift for a friend or a family member and you should keep a bottle for yourself as well as it takes only one sip to bring back those memories of your time on the island.

2. Dodo Souvenir

This giant bird really did roam the island a long, long time ago before it’s extinction in the 17th century. The Dodo was an endemic bird to Mauritius Island and it was quite a unique creature up to 1 meter tall and weighing around 20 kg. Dodo souvenirs come in all forms and sizes. You can buy wooden carved statues, furry cuddly animal toys, t-shirts, paintings and so on – you won’t find these Dodo souvenirs anywhere else in the world, so get some!

3. The Ravanne

Want to bring home something truly special? Something that captures the soul of the island in some mysterious way? Buy a Ravanne – this traditional percussion instrument is the heartbeat of a traditional Mauritian Sega dance performance. The Ravanne may not look glamorous, made out of wood and goatskin, but it’s authentic, natural and simply beautiful! Gently pound your fingers on the surface of the Ravanne and its heart starts beating, bringing your back to Mauritius in a blink of an eye.

4. Mauritian spices, sugar & tea

So, we got the sound of the island covered, how about the scents and the flavors? It is easily arranged with a trip to the local market where you can buy traditional spices, sugar and tea. Perhaps you followed a cooking class during your island stay and you know just how to use these rich exotic spices but if not, just look up a recipe and go find out. While cooking with these scenting herbs, you will bring the Mauritian ambience into your house, topped off with a cup of hot local tea after dinner.

2. Handmade bags of dried vacoas leaves

You will see these beautiful handmade bags and basket everywhere on the island, braided with leaves of vacoas, bamboo or sugarcane. This braiding tradition, locally referred to as ‘tente’ has been passed on from mothers to daughters for centuries. The leaves are cut into stripes, dried in the sun and knitted into these beautiful handicrafts. Great gifts!


Written by Stephanie of Villa-Finder.com