London remains one of the top cities for people to visit and explore, with many people travelling from all over the world. Therefore, finding the best mode of transport to explore is essential, and will guarantee that your experience in the city is enjoyable. With so much to see and do in London, you may find that it can be daunting, which is why choosing a taxi will remove the pressure.

Booking taxi’s before you leave home is one way to guarantee that you are organised, and ready for your London tour. However, you can just as easily grab a cab in the city, and see where it takes you, exploring the sights. The taxis in London can be categorised easily, there are the legendary black cabs and the common mini cabs.

In the heart of London,  you will find only black cabs, which are licensed and skilled to transport people throughout the city. All London taxi drivers are required by law to show their PCO licence in the cab, which is how you can tell they are licensed and legal. The Black Cabs of London are world famous, and no trip to the city would be complete without a trip in one.

Not only are these cabs iconic, but they offer a fantastic service, ensuring that you experience the fun side of travelling in London. From the moment,  you step inside a Black Cab you are given a tour and a personal guide of the best places to see in the city. There is no extra charge for this; the drivers simply have a passion for their jobs.

These cabs can be hailed from the side of the street, by simply raising your arm, and if possible the driver wills top to pick you up and take you on your journey. You will also find the black cabs in all prominent places in the city, including train and tube stations, theatres, and main shopping areas. Regardless of where you are in the city a black cab is never far away.

All black cabs have wheelchair access, and will allow assistance dogs on board at no extra charge which is excellent. The drivers are experienced, and have to go through stringent knowledge tests to get their licence. The City of London wants to ensure that every black cab on the streets is driven by a confident, capable driver.

The drivers must memorise every street, tourist destination, places of interest, bus stops, hotels, and hospitals. There is remarkably little that a black cab driver does not know, and they will also tell you about the hidden gems in the city. The fares for the black cabs are set with a minimal charge of £2.40; however, your journey will be worth every penny.

When travelling throughout the city, ensure that you remain safe, and only get in a licensed black cab, regardless of how desperate you are to get to your destination. There are many unlicensed mini cabs in the city, which are considered unsafe as they are often unlicensed and illegal. Stay smart, and safe in the city, and you will love the whole experience, including the travelling.