If you’re serious about marathons, and love to travel, why not combine the two? There are a number of marathons held in idyllic and iconic locations across the globe that are just waiting for you to sign up.

Before you do get involved, make sure you are prepared. Leave yourself enough time to fully train for the event and invest in the correct equipment. A great pair of trainers is a must, so check out the collection of running shoes from Millet Sports. Go for a well-cushioned, comfortable and quality pair by a brand like Asics, to ensure your safety during the marathon.

Once you are all prepared, it’s time for the tricky part – deciding on which of these delightful spots you will do your marathon in…

The Reggae Marathon, Jamaica



If you are looking to catch some sun while running, the Reggae Marathon in Jamaica is for you. As you run the course that stretches along the western tip of the island, you’ll be able to admire the stunning coastline. From the infectious reggae music that plays throughout, to the Bob Marley trophy handed to the winner, everything about this marathon is distinctly Jamaican. To top it off, after completing the marathon you will be invited to celebrate at a traditional Jamaican beach party!

The Great Wall Marathon, China



A marathon and an iconic landmark join forces in the Great Wall Marathon in China. Be warned – this isn’t for the feint hearted! Running along the Great Wall of China, you will face 5,164 steep and difficult steps for a lengthy nine kilometres. You will be allowed a short breather when the course takes you through less demanding villages, however, don’t get too comfortable because you’ll soon be tackling the steps once more. You may want to up your time on the step trainer before you tackle this beast! The challenge is well worth doing though, because you’ll get to experience one of the most iconic landmarks in the world in a certainly unique way.

Venice Marathon, Italy

If you fancy something a little closer to home, why not tackle the Venice Marathon in Italy? This is a great way to explore this wondrous city, taking in everything it has to offer. Starting 25 km west of the city, you will make your way through stunning countryside into the city, crossing the trademark canals and admiring the city’s best-loved landmarks. It’s about as picturesque as a marathon can get!