The UK is brimming with uniquely crafted landscapes to be utilised by skating enthusiasts. Most major cities and small towns feature some kind of skatepark. I have been a dedicated skateboarder since an early age, as are the majority of my friends. Our passion has forced us to search cities and towns throughout the UK, hunting for that perfect skate spot. Whether it be a handmade, wooden vert-ramp or a 20 year old concrete bowl, the UK has a vast amount of distinctive skate locations. Here are a few of my and my friends’ favourites!

Stoke Plaza
I often dream of the perfect skate park, and Stoke’s Plaza turns this dream in to reality. For a skateboarder that appreciates a perfectly crafted street arena, this is just that. The place is huge!  It boasts 3200 square metres of smooth, concrete features including steps, handrails, fun-boxes, quarter pipes and every other ramp and obstacle you would expect to find in a perfect set up.

Insiders Tip
Being the largest skate park of its kind in Europe, there is plenty of space, so it rarely gets overly busy. Free entry. During the winter it is lit until 9pm. Car parking until 8pm but cars already parked can exit after this time. Located in Central Forest Park, a short distance from the city centre.

Livingston Scotland
If you’re after a clean-cut, friendly skate park then this is definitely not it! This Scottish park is thirty years old, it’s raw, dangerous and about as challenging as a skate park comes. It’s harshness makes it one of the most original and most exciting skate parks in the UK. The concrete park has recently been awarded a £250,000 grant to ensure that Livingston lives on for many more years. If you are mad about traditional style skating, love cruising a deep, fast, ‘pool style’ bowl, or just love linking up creative lines, then this is the place for you.

Insiders Tip
A strong group of excellent BMXers frequent the park on a regular basis, making it hard, at times, to get a look in. It can get busy, so wait your turn and be respectful to the locals.
Address: 63 Almondside, Livingston EH54 6QU

Bay 66 London
Now named Bay 66, this park used to be the worldwide famous Playstation Skate park. Located under a noisy main road, this long, rectangular skate park is quite possibly the most intelligently laid out skate facility in the UK.  Its layout is perfectly mapped to allow the user to create unique lines in and around the numerous obstacles. These obstacles are crafted from smooth wood and include a multi-level half pipe, a competition level vert ramp, roll-ins, jump boxes, hand rails and every other piece of skating equipment you can possibly think of.

Insiders Tips
Take your camera — professionals skate and ride the park on a daily basis. The weekends can get overly crowed, so take advantage of the quieter weekdays. Take the tube to Ladbroke Grove station on the Hammersmith and City line. From there the park is a 5 minute walk across Portobello Market on to Acklam Road where it lies at Bay66.

Mount Hawke Cornwall
Located 8 miles from Truro, on the outskirts of the sleepy village of Mount Hawke, lies one of the biggest indoor skate parks in the entire country.  This 20,000 square foot skating area falls under the radar for many UK skaters, therefore the rolling vert ramp, the raw street-section and the huge mini ramp can often be skated by just you and your friends.

It boasts a huge vert ramp which sits at over 13 feet, which should only be tackled by the more skilled rider. The street section is by far my favorite. This has an original feel to it offering numerous banks, rails and blocks for you to interlink and flow between.

Insiders Tip
Mount Hawke is best reached by car due to its location. School holidays can see an influx of holiday makers clogging up the ramps and rails so try to avoid these times. During the week is often the best time to go.

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When Ben isn’t tearing it up at England’s best skate spots you’ll find him lacing up the latest and greatest skate shoes at Nucleus skate shop, who are leading providers of Skullcandy headphones and Nike snowboard boots.