The Fiji islands are located in the Southern Pacific Ocean, and they offer visitors an absolutely gorgeous locale that they won’t soon forget. Anyone thinking about traveling to this tropical paradise will not regret doing so. The following are six attractions that no visitors should miss while spending their vacation in Fiji.


1. The Bouma National Heritage Park
The Bouma National Heritage Park is a must for anyone looking to spend some time in Fiji’s gorgeous outdoors. Take a hike through the Vidawa Rainforest, go for a stroll at the Lavena Coastal Walk, explore the Tavoro waterfalls or stay down at the Waitabu Marine Park and Campground.

2. Fiji Museum
The Fiji Museum is located in the capitol of Fiji, Suva. The museum was founded in 1904 when the Suva Town Board received the personal collection of Sir William Allardyce as a gift to be displayed in the town hall. You’ll be able to admire a large number of artifacts that represent the religious, ritual and archeological importance of the Fiji islands. Visit the Indo Fijian Gallery to explore the history of Fiji’s Indians or check out the Masi-Fijian Barkcloth gallery for a look at how inhabitants once dressed and created their clothing.

3. The Garden of the Sleeping Giant
Nature enthusiasts won’t want to miss the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, one of the most impressive aspects all of the Fiji gardens. The Garden originated as a private collection of tropical orchids belonging to actor Raymond Burr. Today, the garden contains over 2,000 different kinds of orchids, making the Garden of the Sleeping Giant the largest collection of orchid flowers in the entire world. The Fiji Gardens themselves are well worth visiting, as they are home to a number of stunning species of wildlife only found in Fiji.

4. Kula Eco Park
This is another beautiful park that should not be missed. A long walk through the forests of Kula Eco Park will ensure memorable encounters with some of the amazing wildlife of Fiji. Keep your eyes open for Crested Iguanas, Orange Doves, Pelegrine Falcons, Red Musk Parrots and more!

5. Diving
Fiji is known around the world for being one of the best spots to go diving. The islands are surrounded by soft coral reefs, an absolutely stunning sight that has contributed to making the area incredibly popular amongst divers. If you’re new to diving, then you should visit the Mamanuca Islands. There are plenty of spots around these islands that are perfect for those who are just getting their feet wet. Go diving at the Vomo Caves or the Endless Dream. There are plenty of diving resorts available as well, such as the Castaway Island Resort and the Vomo Island Resort.

6. The Beaches
The best beaches in the world tend to be located on islands, and the beaches of Fiji are no exception. If you’re looking for a popular spot to go body surfing or swimming, then head to the Natadola Beach in Nadi. These beaches have yet to be populated by resorts, meaning that you’ll be able to enjoy the natural surroundings at their fullest. The Coral Coast is another great option, especially for tourists who are on a budget. This beach is also very popular with the locals, which means it’s not just another tourist trap.

If you’re going to Fiji for vacation, then there won’t be a shortage of things for you to do. These are six things to do in the Fiji Islands that no visitor should miss out on.

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