Regardless of whether you want to take a short midweek break or a weekend trip, you will want to know which the best destinations are if you love winter sports. There are some incredible spots to check out for your next adventurous trip to the snow so it is definitely something to do some research on.

Some of the planet’s best winter sports towns are most noteworthy for having a stunning natural setting while others are famous for offering a thrilling nightlife scene. However, what they all have in common is that they offer the chance to get out on some fine snowy slopes to enjoy a lot of fun, exercise and adventure.


Chamonix, France

The picturesque setting here is aided by the fact that the magnificent Mont Blanc looms over the town of Chamonix. It is a dramatic and quite wonderful setting for a place where you are virtually guaranteed a world class skiing trip from the very first moment that you arrive.

Chamonix sits snugly in the French Alps and has everything that you would want for a classy winter sports trip filled with great things to do. From a bunch of stylish restaurants to exciting bars and from amazing ski slopes to comfortable hotels and ski chalets, it has the lot.

Among the very best restaurants here are classic places such as Le Bistrot and Maison Carrier. As for the bars in town, you will find it is easy to have a good time in places such as the Mix Bar and Les Caves.

This is the sort of great winter sports destination where you can really relax and have the time of your life.  What makes Chamonix even better is that it is a high altitude town where a good covering of snow is virtually guaranteed all of the time.

The town itself is very pretty and offers a fine place to stay and wander round whenever you feel like doing a bit of exploring. Best of all, it is easy to get here on a short trip to the UK or other parts of Northern Europe.


Courchevel, France

Another highly regarded resort in the French Alps, Courchevel is commonly seen as being a place for the rich and famous to go skiing. However, it is a more affordable winter sports town than you might think if you only know about its reputation for being extremely exclusive.

Having said that, it is probably the most fashionable ski resort in all of Europe and somewhere you can enjoy a stylish break on and off the slopes. Courchevel is located in the massive Three Valleys ski area, meaning that there are plenty of slopes to choose from.

Away from the pistes, Courchevel is packed with some of the best restaurants and bars that you will ever go to. This is the kind of place where you can enjoy some genuine luxury without spending a fortune on it.

La Cendrée and Restaurant le Petit Savoyard are a couple of the most highly recommended restaurants in Chamonix. For those adventurous sports fans looking for a few drinks the top bars include places such as the Folie Douce and the Bubble Bar.

There are different ski resorts at varying altitudes here, meaning that you will want to be sure which of the Courchevel villages you are staying in when you go away on exciting ski weekends. Having said that, no matter which one you end up in you will love this exciting Alpine ski resort when you take a quick break here to liven up your week.


Whistler, Canada

Canada is another massively popular place for carrying out winter sports, with Whistler being the place where most people want to go to. This is one of North America’s biggest and best ski resorts, with other winter sports such as snowboards, tobogganing and ski jumping also being popular in Whistler too.

The town itself is small and compact, although it grows enormously when the tourists come flocking in. More than 2 million people visit this place every year and it has all off the tourist infrastructure that you would expect from such a popular winter sports destination.

Among the most popular places for eating here are the Red Door Bistro and Splitz Grill. Of course, the Whistler après ski scene is also highly enjoyable here in bars such as Tapley’s Neighborhood Pub and the Champagne Lounge.

Whistler is regularly rated as being the best winter sports destination in North America and it is hard to argue with this. Despite the huge volume of sports fans and adventure buffs who head here it retains a cool and laid-back feel that makes it felt very special.


Aspen, United States

Aspen in Colorado is another terrific place to strap your skis on. It is regarded a high class winter sports resort where it costs a lot of money to visit or to live and Aspen is famous for having the highest real estate prices in the country.

For skiers visiting the town, there are four different mountains to choose from, meaning no shortage of slopes to ski down. In addition, the Winter X Games are held here every year too.

If there is one thing Aspen is more famous for than the skiing it is the après ski scene here. There are some famous bars and clubs where thirsty skiers and snowboarders can round off a thrilling day in a great deal of style.

For example, Eric’s Bar is a cool place for getting a few cocktails, while the Ajax Tavern offers drinks and fresh seafood. As for the eateries here, Mezzaluna has classic Italian meals and the Creperie du Village is the only French Alps style restaurant in town.


Morzine, France

If we finish off by going back to the French Alps we can find the incredible ski resort of Morzine to add to the list. This is another excellent place to wrap up with some skiing clothes and hit the slopes.

Morzine is one of the classic French Alps slopes where a cracking atmosphere is combined with terrific slopes and lots of things to do.  This is an especially good choice for someone who wants to sample the nightlife in a quality ski resort.

The big range of popular bars here includes après ski classics such as Dixie Bar and Coyote Bar. If it is a great day on the slopes followed by a thrilling evening that you want then Morzine will definitely deliver.

Food lovers will enjoy checking out places of the calibre of La Maharaja and La Grange. Morzine also has a number of exciting events such as music festival and sporting competitions throughout the year.

As for the winter sports action going on here, the good news is that Morzine sits in the Portes du Soleil, which is one of the world’s biggest and best ski areas. As it is only about an hour from Geneva Airport you can get here quickly and easily in order to enjoy all that it offers.

Winter sports fans can have fun, carry out their favourite sports and party in numerous quality resorts all over the planet. Just choose the right one for your needs and personality in order to have the time of your life out on the snow and off it as well.