London is undoubtedly one of the go-to locations for anyone planning a trip to the UK, and with such a booming tourist industry, it’s fair to say that the city has its fair share of activities worth checking out.You could, of course, opt for the textbook tourist activities London has to offer, but why not switch things up and make the whole experience a lot more unique.

Here are five activities in London that you wouldn’t normally think to do, which is what makes them so great.

1. Play an Escape Game
If you were ever a fan of the crystal maze then you’ll love live escape games, they have become increasingly popular for small groups to spend the best part of an hour testing their wits to successfully escape a room.

Not only is it an exhilarating and genuinely difficult task, but the need for logic and teamwork is also a brilliant way to enjoy some time together in a group and give your trip some moments to remember.

If you’ve got jet lag or are tired from travelling, then it’s probably best to book for after you’ve had a chance to rest up. You wouldn’t want to spend your entire trip stuck in an escape room. (That’s a joke. They might let you out if you ask nicely).

2. Go to a Comedy Club
Taking a trip to a new city is often very relaxing, but the stress and strain that can come with travel aren’t so enjoyable. While “laughter is the best medicine” might not be true for ailments such as a broken leg (you probably should get that checked out), it definitely will put yourself and your companions in a good mood.

The UK is well-known for its wealth of comedic talent in both the past and present and comedy clubs have long been the breeding ground for future comedy stars. Attending a comedy club is a great way to see what the UK has to offer in the form of new stand-up comedians, many of whom may well be the next big thing in the industry.

3. A Day of Paintballing
Paintballing is one of those activities that everyone should try at least once, the adrenaline rush of authentic combat combined with the immersive nature of each location or “map” provides an experience that’s difficult to compete with.

What better way to bond with friends during your trip than to step out onto the paintball battlefield where team-tactics are a vital element and you can embrace your inner commando. Even if combat-style sports or movies aren’t really your thing, you’ll find that paintballing will make you go from nought to Rambo real quick.

Aside from the fact that paintball is incredibly good fun, paintball is also a brilliant workout for your body. If you’re fitness mad and wouldn’t mind an active trip, then paintballing has you covered. The ducking, diving, forward rolls (optional), and sprinting between cover will soon take its toll – which is ideal if you have a large evening meal planned.

4. Visit Some Film/TV Locations
London is one of the most iconic cities in the world, and it’s for this reason that many films and TV shows are based in — or have scenes in — the UK’s capital. While many of these locations will be behind closed doors, lots are in public areas and are just begging for you to get your picture taken there.

Some locations will spring to mind quicker than others, such as Platform 9 ¾ from the Harry Potter films and 221 b Baker Street of Sherlock Holmes fame. But you’ll be surprised how many locations you come across while taking a stroll through the city, and this list may give you a helping hand.

5. Take a Street Art Tour
Graffiti may well have started off as a way for vandals to cause damage to property, or for people to spread a message to the masses, but artists like Banksy and his abundance of street art in Bristol, have showed that it can be used to produce brilliant and thought provoking artwork.

London has a whole host of galleries and museums in which you can see some of the most influential and famous works of art from the past and present, but why not take a more modern insight into the new wave of street art. London has become a gigantic gallery of fantastic street art.

If you’re a keen artist or have an interest in street art, you no doubt will already have some locations in mind, but failing that you can take a street art tour which will show you some of the best that the city has to offer.

As a city and tourist location, London has so much to offer in the way of activities, events, and sights to see. Big Ben and the Tower of London are two of the many sights that people usually would see during their trip, but why not do something a bit more unique and get some of the city’s more unusual activities.
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