If you are a regular traveller, whether for business or pleasure, you want to make sure you can find the time to relax. Life is busy in the 21st century, and we sometimes let stress and anxiety take over. You may have your own relaxation techniques – perhaps you practice yoga or one of the many other disciplines – and you need to be able to set aside time for your personal relaxation wherever you may be in the world. It’s not just time that’s the problem, but space too, but we have found a way of making sure you can perform your relaxation routine in your hotel room or even outdoors.

Let’s imagine you are abroad on an important business trip: you need to be fresh and ready to clinch the deal or whatever the intention may be, so you must get that relaxation time in. What could help you be comfortable and ready, that doesn’t take up much space, is light to carry and – one you have one – will become essential packing for every trip? We think it’s the travel yoga mat, and even if you don’t practice yoga, you’ll find it to be a handy item for any exercise or relaxation routine.

What is a Travel Yoga Mat?

Imagine the traditional image of a backpacker, with a yoga mat rolled up on the back of his rucksack: that’s what we’re talking about, but of course you may wish to stash one in a suitcase. Many of them fold up small enough to enable this, and they take up very little space as a result. They are thin – but not too thin that they are uncomfortable on a hard floor – and usually made from easy to clean microfibre material, so they provide a hygienic solution to practising on floors that may have been used by others. They are long enough to lie on, and also surprisingly affordable.

Where can you find out more about these very handy devices – handy even for use at home, in fact? We found a great review of the top 10 best travel yoga mats at an excellent website called bestreviewer.co.uk, and they offer reviews of a wide variety of other items for the home and elsewhere, too. You can check details of size and style of your yoga mat, plus compare prices, and they also list pros and cons of every item reviewed.

Using Your Yoga Mat

Whether it’s for yoga or another form of exercise, your yoga mat will get plenty of use, and you will find you use it at home or at the gym, too. For travelling, this will become an essential item, so make sure you choose one that is suitably portable for regular travel. You also need to ensure it is one that is easy to clean, as most of them are designed to be. Have a look at the website now and compare the best travel yoga mats available, and enjoy your yoga to the full, wherever you may be.