Located on the incredible North Sea coastline, The Hague can be described simply as the most remarkable city in Holland. Boasting historic districts, monuments, marketplaces and more, this city perfectly blends the modern chic essence with historic character. Home to many in the Dutch Royal Family, The Hague is known as the ‘Royal City by the Sea’. Now let us get down to business and list the top 3 must see places when visiting this wonderful and inviting city!

If you are a fan of the water, try visiting Scheveningen, the most favored seaside retreat in the Netherlands! This magical resort is quintessential for water sports fans and sunbathers alike. Don’t want to spend all day at the beach? Scheveningen also offers a wide variety of recreational activities such as museums, a bowling alley, theater, casino, surf schools and numerous restaurants to choose from! If you are a fan of marine life, you must check out SEA LIFE Scheveningen. There you can look at more than 150 different species in over 45 aquariums. If you are looking for a fun time, Scheveningen will surely please you and your family.

The city of Madurodam is a giant tourist attraction and miniature park. Opened in 1952, this park is home to perfect 1:25th scale model replicas of famous Dutch buildings including castles, public buildings and large industrial projects. With a national museum, the harbor, fields of tulips and windmills there is always something fun to see in Madurodam!

Feeling a little hungry, or maybe you want to do some shopping? The Hague Market is home to a variety of different items ranging from fresh food, to clothes, computer parts and more. Being the largest outdoor market in Europe, over 25,000 people visit each day it is open. There are two multicultural districts in The Hague, where the Hague Market lies directly in between and reflects the neighborhoods diversity. This market is extremely fun to visit as there is always something to see or do! There are also events held on the days when the market is closed as well.

With so much character and class, The Hague is a marvelous place for both younger and older generations. The three must see sites above are just a fraction of what this splendid city offers. From attractions like the city of Madurodam, to the popular beach goers resort in Scheveningen, you have for sure not seen Holland until you have made your way to The Hague!