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Total Travel Guide offers travel guides for ideas and inspiration so you don’t rush off to your local Travel Supermarket, but instead sit down and plan what it is you really want from a holiday. Because we are a UK travel blog that accepts guest posts from bloggers all over the world, we aim offer our readers something the local Travel Supermarket simply does not: inspiration to try something new. Lets face it, when most of us want a holiday or to travel somewhere cheaply and easily, we go to our local Travel Supermarket and pick what appears to be a great deal, but is often just the same old boring holiday we always try, and full of tourists! Why not experience a country properly and go somewhere a little less known, and not the latest offer that a Travel Supermarket is trying to push on you. Have a read of the guest posts on Total Travel Guide and see if there is somewhere that you feel inspired to try!
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Castles and Manors Available for Weddings Worldwide


Castles have an amazing power within them, an effortless ability to enact the inner child in us that eagerly flipped through fairytale books. That gushed over Kings and Queens, dressed in rich material and touting sparkling crowns. Perhaps that part…

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Track the Storm Before It Arrives

Travel Tips

    Whenever a big storm hits, businesses and operations of all types face challenges. Severe weather can disrupt supply chains, cause damage to assets, and even put employees in physical danger. Your company or organization may not be able…

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5 Striking Landscapes You Should See on Galapagos Islands


The Galapagos Islands are easily one of the most famous wildlife destinations in the world. Renowned for being so vigorously unscathed by humans, the islands are the epitome of untouched nature, raw wildlife and breath-taking landscapes. The sheer spectacle of…

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The Best Wild Life Viewing Locations

Travel Tips

We can get so caught up in the daily hustle and bustle of human life, that it’s easy to forget that we share this planet with some other amazing animals too. There’s nothing like a really immersive wildlife experience to…

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Hacks for Solo Travel

Travel Tips

Traveling to an unfamiliar location on all your own can be daunting to say the least; but virtually every solo traveller agrees – it’s absolutely worth taking the plunge! More than just expanding your physical horizons, traveling alone is one…

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The Best Tips To Save Money While Travelling

‘Count every small leak and fill a great ship’ –this is what the basic formula of saving money. However, most of us don’t remember this at the time of spending money, as we go through the zeal of thrust, forgetting...