Summer Ski

Increasingly, people are finding that a ski holiday in the summer months can be a lot more fun than simply heading for the sun and sand yet again.  All inclusive ski holidays during the warmer times of the year are becoming much more popular than they used to be in the days when holidaymakers simply assumed that the ski slopes were for winter, and the beaches were for summer.  Skiers are much savvier now and realise that along with offering the opportunity for great fun, a skiing holiday during the summer can also offer significant advantages in terms of price.

The Alps

There is no reason to pack away the skiing gear between June and September, as many skiers seem to assume.  Those who have the time and inclination can enjoy snowboarding, skiing, and other “winter” sports throughout the year.  In the French Alps, for instance, summer skiing is quite normal and it can also be significantly cheaper than in the winter months, as there is less demand and many resorts offer excellent package deals.  There is also usually a lot more room on the slopes, which makes the summer the ideal choice for a skiing holiday for families with young children, who will have room to practice with less chance of getting knocked over.

New Zealand

Countries south of the equator are also an obvious choice when it comes to skiing in the summer because, of course, when it is summer here it is winter there.  Coronet Peak in New Zealand, for instance, has some fantastic slopes, and thanks to a recent huge investment the resort has been completely updated to include the very latest facilities.  This is the first ski resort in New Zealand to open each season and it doesn’t close until mid-October.  Additionally, early risers who hit the slopes first thing in the morning are eligible for discount passes.


Argentina’s Cerro Catedral has over 60 excellent runs and can handle over 22,000 skiers each hour.  This huge ski resort also offers brilliant views across Lake Nahuel Huapi, making this the top skiing destination in the country.  In July and August the resort’s management has taken up the European habit of making fresh snow to keep the slopes in peak condition.  The dining and entertainment options at this resort are also brilliant, with bars and clubs open until the early hours.


In Australia, there are more than 100 runs at the Fall’s Creek resort in Victoria that cater for all levels of ability, and there are trails across the breathtakingly beautiful landscape for skiers who want to get away from the slopes occasionally.  The prices are very affordable, and Fall’s Creek is especially popular with families taking skiing holidays.

The activities skiers will find on offer at the ski resorts which are open during the UK’s warmer months are as varied during the summer as they are in the winter, and include everything from bob-sleighing and mountain climbing to exploring ice caves, canoeing, paintballing, and mountain biking, depending on the location.  The après ski activities are also varied and entertaining at the major resorts and will usually include live music and dancing.  Many resorts also provide a wide range of entertainments designed to keep small kids happy and out of trouble.

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