Sydney’s Best Fishing Spots

Sydney is the home to the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Sydney Towers and the Botanical Gardens. Every year innumerable tourists visit the city to enjoy the wonderful museums, beaches, wildlife parks, and fishing spots and make the most of their visit in the largest city of Australia. The weather is conducive to fishing and this is the reason why fishing enthusiasts from around the world have made Sydney their favorite destinations. One can take short fishing trips as these are located only a short drive away from the main city. If walking holidays are your thing, check out this post on best cities to visit for walking holidays.

The best place to fish to go fishing in Sydney is undoubtedly Sydney Harbor. Salmon, trout, whiting, squid and bream are the types of fish you can look forward to catch. Right next to the Harbor Bride are some great spots like Jeffery St. and Beulah St. Wharf. Shell Cove is a place where you can find yellow fin bream, sand whiting, flathead etc. The Clarke’s Point Reserve is ideally located for you to fish most of the species that are swimming through the Harbor. One of the best places to fish later in the day is the Kurabba road Ferry wharf when no ferries are around. Saltwater fishing and bait fishing work best here.

Another great fishing location in Sydney is Port Hacking. It is located in an estuary with a lot of sandbanks and channels. Gunnamatta Bay has ample pilchards, yellowtail, tailor, bream, leather jackets and flatheads for you to pick from. It also has seating so it makes the entire fishing experience more comfortable. You can also try Bate Bay is made up of several other beaches and hence is a large area within Port Hacking. From Australian Salmon, whiting, tailor to drummer, luderick, yellowfin bream to many more you have a lot of options. Lilli Pilli also has large populations of whiting, flathead and bream.

Georges River sits in the south west of Sydney with both fresh water and estuary fishing opportunities for anglers. You may not particularly like the name of the bridge, but Tom’s Ugly Bridge is a very popular fishing spot. You can drive up your car right up to the water and fish right next to it, thus it is way convenient. If you are looking forward for some tailor and bream, this is the place to be with your entire family. You also cannot afford to miss out Georges River National Park. Wet your line for some bream, flathead, mullet, luderick and Mulloway thrive in this area.

If rock and beach fishing is your forte than head out to the northern beaches. The man made freshwater lake, Manly Dam is an ideal fishing spot for bait fishing, fresh water fly and lure fishing. European carp, redfin, Australian bass are the main attractions here. Queenscliff Lagoon is best known for bait fishing, salt water fly and lyre fishing for flathead and yellow fin bream. Narrabeen Lake is another hot fishing spot you would not want to miss out on. You are sure to catch some yellow fin bream, mules, flathead and sand whiting here.

These are only the top best locations. Explore the city and you would come across many such wonderful fishing locations! Just make the best of the pleasant weather and the blissful surroundings and you will see what the Down Under is all about.

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